Pixifox Animation is an independent, young, family focused 3D animation studio. Our studio is based in Hilversum, in the green heart of The Netherlands, near Amsterdam. With a team consisting of professional artists and creatives, we are passionately creating high quality digital content for our own, in-house developed, intellectual properties (IP’s). By having extensive knowledge in utilising successful channels on Youtube, we are able to swiftly launch new IP’s to families across the globe.


Pixifox Animation aims at establishing itself as an independent, global, leading player within the 3D animation and entertainment industry, delivering new IP’s to families across the globe through streaming services, TV networks and theatres.

Combining innovative technology and world-class talent to produce and distribute profitable highly attractive in-house developed IP’s, each with core values that perfectly match our global target audiences. We create what people want. By letting the team do what they love most: creating great animated stories for all ages to enjoy. Being independent is at the root of our company, developing our own IP’s and controlling our own distribution and licensing is key.


Pixifox Animation is located in Hilversum, right between Amsterdam and Utrecht.


Olympia 2 (5th floor)
1213 NT Hilversum (Arenapark)
The Netherlands
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Directions by car

From Amsterdam: Highway A1 towards Amersfoort, take exit 10 to continue on the A27 towards Utrecht, take the first exit Hilversum (33), follow Arenapark signs.
From Utrecht: Highway A27 towards Almere, take exit Hilversum (33), follow Arenapark signs.

Directions by train

From Amsterdam: Intercity-train to Hilversum, then Sprinter-train to Hilversum Sportpark Station, 7 minutes walk.
From Utrecht: Sprinter-train to Hilversum Sportpark Station, 7 minutes walk.

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